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“50% of all medium-distance passenger and freight transport should move off the roads and onto rail, sea or other waterways by 2050.”

Siim Kallas – European Commission vice-president for transport.


Over the last two decades are growing the concerns about the right use of transport system. Environment issues such as Green House Emissions, growing oil prices, traffic on the cities and accidents are lending many countries to rethink the modal split, increasing sustainable transport modes and reducing road traffic. The White Paper (UE 2001) are targeting shift 30% of the road freight to railways by 2030. This shift can reduce transport costs and improve life quality, especially on cities where the road traffic is reducing the mobility. The use of the multimodal logistics and smart technology will be an important step to archive this objective. The multimodal transport could combine the advantage of the road transport (flexibility) on the last mile and the advantages of the rail, energetic efficiency.

Although, the share of rail on the European freight is still not satisfactory.

Modelling the freight demand of Low Density High Value goods under TRANS-TOOLS package the Spectrum project have been founded to distances over 200km the potential shift from actual road freight to rail on the LDHV cargo is 12%. It means that with the LowC have only 10% of the target market (12% of road freight) 1.9 billion ton/km can shift to railway resulting in 0.13 millions of CO2 saves only in Europe .


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