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With the actual logistic the rail system is not competitive in a greater share of the domestic and intra-European small lot market which is effectively monopolized by road service. The share of high value goods, ‘semi-finished’ and finished products could increase and the rail freight to achieve the aforementioned EC policy target by 2050 need to capture a significant share of high value freight market and require monitoring technology. Many forecasts predict an increase on freight train movement.

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Our design of a compartmentalized multi-layered container are able to transport small lot logistics traffic in a more efficient and effective way enabling rail to become competitive in markets where it currently has a limited commercial viability. LowC could transport multiple cargos on independent compartment in open/closed traffic applications and will provide a safe, secure and cost effective method of trunk and linked local collection and distribution using pallets or other loading modules.


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Modelling the freight demand of Low Density High Value goods under TRANS-TOOLS package the Spectrum project have been founded to distances over 200km the potential shift from actual road freight to rail on the LDHV cargo is 12%. It means that with the LowC have 10% of the target market (12% of road freight) 1.9 billion ton/km can shift to railway resulting in 0.13 millions of CO2 saves only in Europe

The first target market for the LowC is the European market, however the rail services between China and Europe are growing fast in popularity as shippers of high-tech goods and auto parts look for alternatives to costly air freight and slow ocean shipping.

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